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Left photo by Naj Nuj Naj. Right photo by Fredrik Wannerstedt.

Hello! My name is Mattias Lindberg. I'm a Motion Graphic Designer living in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently work full-time for Forsman & Bodenfors Factory. Previously freelanced with my company and alias Fake Pilot.

I create animation and videos. Animating logos and motion graphics for commercials, web, music videos, screens and presentations. Sometimes do live visuals for clubs and festivals.

Also co-founded an internet startup.

Pioneered in flash animation at the start of 2000. Have won multiple awards with clients like Coca Cola, Diddy and Bryant Park Hotel. Won the title of "Most Creative Person" in my home town Trollhättan. Also made presentations in Portugal and Japan about my work. In a MIG-29 fighter pilot helmet...

While studying in art school 1997, someone showed me Macromedia Flash (now Adobe). Aftonbladet, one of the major newspapers in Sweden mention me, which helped get me a couple of job offerings around Sweden. Moved to Stockholm for employment doing web design. I wanted to make the best flash animations in the world and needed a way to market myself. My way was creating flash animations. Also purchased a russian MIG-29 helmet and transformed myself into somewhat of a super villain. Those animations spread quickly on design communities.

My first real success was making The Spy Bar's site. At the time, one of Sweden's hottest night clubs. Which also led to directing a commercial for DUX beds. Got an agent in USA, which lead to clients like Puff Daddy, Beyonce and Bryant Park Hotel. My animations for Sean John even got ripped-off by Levi’s Jeans in China and another by Nokia.

I grew up in Trollhättan in southern Sweden. My parents built a red house and raised three boys, I'm the youngest. Dad worked for the energy company, there's a waterfall dividing town. He always came home with the latest gadgets and Star Wars toys... You should watch that movie he made for us kids. Mom worked as a child minder from home.

My oldest brother was a painter, he introduced me to art and punk rock. My middle brother introduced me to computers and role-playing games. All of which have influenced my imagination and technical skills.

I'm naive and honest, straight forward. A social geek. Have a curious soul and I'm a good listener. A work-a-holic and fitness aware climber. Doing bouldering several times a week. Enjoy coffee, whisky and red wine. Like talking about the world, religion and politics. Learning new things is one of my obsessions. Constantly dig deeper into the world of software and 3D.

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